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February 28, 2010

Oh Canada, We stand on Guard!

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This was written by someone who appears to want to be anonymous.  When he/she takes credit, I’ll gladly give it.

We never claimed to be perfect. That means we’ve learned to be humble.

We say “excuse me” and ”I’m sorry”, as well as “please” and “thanks”.
Even when it’s not our fault, we apologize.

Sure, one arm of the torch didn’t rise, but when the earthquake struck
Haiti, Canadians raised their hands to say “we’ll help”.

And yeah, there’s a fence around the torch, but you can walk right up
and shake hands with our Prime Minister, and most famous Canadians. We
put Gretzky in the back of a pickup, in the rain, not surrounded by
police, and he was okay. And by the way, the “Great One” is Canadian
and he wasn’t complaining! We do have security at the Games, of course,
but most people don’t even have a gun they have to leave at home.

The medals ARE under lock and key, but our doors and our hearts are
open to the world.

It has been pointed out that some buses broke down last week, but let’s
not overlook the fact that our banking system didn’t!

We didn’t get the “green ice-maker” right this time, but we will,

Just like we did when we invented the Zamboni.

Citius altius fortius

If you don’t reach higher, how do you get faster and stronger?

Was the first quad jump perfect?

Should we not have given snowboarding to the world “in case” it didn’t
take off?

So big deal one of the four torch arms didn’t rise, good thing we had
three more! It’s called contingency planning.!

But remember, the Canada-Arm works every time in outerspace, and
insulin turned out to be okay.

We couldn’t change the weather, but maybe we can help to stop global

We don’t have the tax base of the US, or the power of the Chinese, but,
per capita, we ponied up for some pretty kiss- ass venues in the worst
global recession ever!

Sure, some folks couldn’t afford tickets, but our health care is

We have shown the world that we can raise our voices in celebration and
song, but moments later stand in silence to respect a tragic event
….together….spontaneously, and unrehearsed.

What’s more, we don’t need permission from anyone to have a slam poet,
fiddlers with piercing’s, and a lesbian singer tell our story to the
world, while our multilingual Haitian-born (black) head-of-state
shares a box with her First Nations equals.

We’ve shown the world that it doesn’t always rain in Vancouver, that
you can strive for excellence, but not get hung up on perfection. And
we’ve learned what it feels like to be picked on by some no-name
newspaper guy, and we don’t have to take it lying down!

So the point is not the snow, or the hydraulics, or a couple of guys
being late to a ceremony.

We know we’re lucky that these are the biggest problems we had to deal
with in the last few weeks.

So take your cheap shots, Guardian newspaper and cynics of the world!!
We’re bigger and better than that.

What’s more, we’re finally starting to believe it!

Do you believe?

February 15, 2010

Do I dare? ¿Me atrevo?

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After not blogging for nearly 2 years, is it even appropriate to start?  I see from my stats that several readers do come by every day for a look, but perhaps these are people who simply stumble across the site via some random internet search. I don’t think readers come by expecting a post…really. Can I call this starting again? More likely, I’ll have to say that this is a small self-promotional blurb, and the authentic blog is yet to reappear. I will tell you that you can find out more recent updates if you follow me on twitter (stitchstud) or on plurk (stitchstud). Tonight I will be interviewed by a podcaster friend. It will be a live interview at 9:00 p.m. EST. Come by and listen if you have a few minutes to spare. If you join Blog Talk Radio with a free membership, you can join the chatroom which discusses the live show in live time and fires questions at the host Mary Beth Temple.

Despues de un silencio de casi 2 años, es apropiado comenzar? Veo por mis estadistas que varios lectors se asoman cada dia, pero quizás son personas que simplemente se tropean con el blog por medio de alguna busqueda al azar. No creo que aun tenga lectores que esperan que escribe algo..de veras. Puedo decir que he recomenzado? Mas bien, diré que es un pequeña anuncio autoservidor y que el blog autentico es para reaparecer en el futuro. Si quieren saber mas actualidades mias es mas facil encontralas en twitter (soy stitchstud) o en plurk.com.  Hoy sere entrevistado por una amiga podcaster. Sera una entrevista en vivo a las 9:00 EST. Asomase y escuche si tenga algunos minutos extras. Si te añades a Blog Talk Radio con una membracia gratis, podras placticar en el salon de chat donde comentan en la emisión y hacen preguntas a la presentadora, Mary Beth Temple

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