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September 1, 2006

A friend / Un amigo

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Meet Chewbacca (Chewie), my angora friend, and fibre supplier.
He’s a two-year old buck. Sadly the doe that I bought at the same time as him died of “snuffles” soon after I purchased her (her home barn must have been contaminated). So for now, we’re waiting for the right female to come along and keep him company. His fur is wonderfully soft and he lets me harvest it 3 times a year, by combing and plucking, not shaving. I mix it with whatever other fleece I have on hand to lighten it and to make it softer.
IMGP0746 Les presento Chewbacca (apodo: Chewie), mi amigo angora, y fuente de fibra. Tiene dos años. Lamentablemente la conejita que compre a la vez con Chewie murio a cause de un virus que se llama “snuffles” (el sonido rasposo de las narices cuando no puede respirar bien). Por ahora estamos esperando para cuando llega la compañera ideal. Su peluza es extremadamente suave y me permite cosecharla 3 veces al año con peine, no afeitandole. Lo combino con cualquier otra lana que tengo para hilar algo mas sueve y libiano.

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