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January 30, 2007

On the needles / En las agujas

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Since my cluster headaches have cleared up (mostly) I’ve been able to start a few projects. This is what I’ve been working on. Un chal diseñada por
la famosa Yarn HarlotIMGP1148
Stephanie’s Snowdrop Shawl

A sock
Un calcetín

Desde que mis migrañas han desvanecido (casi) he podido comenzar unos pocos proyectos. Estoy es lo que estoy tejiendo actualmente.
A swatch for a pair of socks.
The blocked version…
handknit swatch
La muestra para un par de calcetines – Tutorial Aquí
one lopi mitten
A mitten
Una manopla

September 26, 2006

Hashing through my stash / Cortando my Coleccion

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What does my stash consist of? About 15 years ago, I owned a small knitting business. I would take custom orders and make one-of-a-kind designs for clients. As often as possible I would order wholesale from a distributor, but this often meant minimum orders of $500 or so. If I was fortunate, I’d have several clients lined up at a time with the understanding that their garment may take 2 to 3 months till completion. Then I could buy within the minimum order…if I could sway the client to choose a yarn from the same distributor. It’s easy to deduce that with all these complications, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this very often. So what would I do? Well I’d buy yarns that I thought I could knit into something else at a later date. The result…I have a stash that consists of leftovers from custom designs, and lots of 10 balls of one colour. In addition, the yarn store which closed up soon after I stopped working there in 1990 gave me a huge box of their odds and ends (mostly half skeins of stuff). The yarns are 16 years old and many are no longer available. I’ve followed the advice of friends at knittersreview.com and have donated the acrylic (not that there was too much of it), and I’ve sorted what’s left into colorways so that I can work on multi-coloured garments. I’m determined to finish up what I have before purchasing new stuff, but it sure is hard nowadays with the proliferation of amazing blends, colours, and textures. At the moment I’m working on a shawl using a madcap collection of yarns in the greys/teals/aqua/blue colourway. I’m not sure I like the results, particularly because of the stripes. I’m choosing the number of rows randomly and I’m combining two thinner strands when necessary to get up to gauge, but even so the weights from stripe to stripe to vary some with the drape of each yarn. I’m going to finish this just to use up my yarn, even if it isn’t the most beautiful item I’ve made. I’m so determined not to frog it just so that I don’t have to RE-knit with stash. IMGP0830

¿De que consiste mi colección de lana? Hace más o menos 15 años, era dueño de un negocio de tejer. Diseñaba y tejia sueteres unicos para mi clientela. Lo mas frecuente posible compraba el hilo al por mayor, pero esto me obligaba a pedidas minimas de $500 por ahi. Si era afortunado, tendria variols clientes coordinados a la vez, estipulación de que el trabajo tomaria entre 2 o 3 meses. Es facil deducir que con tanta complicacion, no eran muchas veces que pude pedir asi el hilo.
Entonces me tocaba comprar mucha lana para la cual no tenia diseño ni plan. Por eso ahora tengo muchas madejas de un solo color, o de a grupos de 10. Ademas, la tienda de hilos do solia trabajar cerro las puertas por ultima vez en 1990 y me regalaron una caja llena de madejas sin pareja, o media-madeja. Los hilos tienen mas de 16 años y muchos ya no se encuentran. Unas amigas de knittersreview.com me sugerieron donar la acrilica a alguna organizacion benefica, y sin esa cantidad estoy organisando los hilos que quedaron de acuerdo a color, y composicion. Estoy determinado a tejer con toda la coleccion que tengo antes de comprar algo nuevo, pero us dura ya con la proliferacion de colors, combinaciones y texturas disponsibles actualmente.
Hoy dia estoy trabajando un chal usando una combinacion a la locura con gris, aquamarino, azul y verde. No estoy seguro con el resultado, particularmente por las rayas que da este patron. El numero de vueltas para cada color lo escojo a chance y a veces combino dos hilos mas finos para cumplir con calibracion requerido. Lo voy a terminar aunque no me guste mucho porque quiero descargarme de estos hilos ya viejisimos.

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