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January 27, 2007

Como tejer calcetines / How to knit socks.

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He visto que faltan ayudas para tejedoras/es que quieren aprender a tejer calcetines con cuatro o cinco agujas, o con agujas ciruclares. Voy a dedicar un blog a este artesanía. Espero que mediante los meses entrantes encontraran talleres, ayudas y ejemplos que les animen de abordar esta manualidad. El blog es “Calcetines Tejidos“. Espero verles allí.

There is a huge gap in the availability of Spanish information on knitting socks. I’m going to dedicate a new blog to tutorials, links, and examples to help Hispanic knitters everywhere to join this amazing subskill of knitting. The blog is “Calcetines Tejidos“; hope to see you there.

November 25, 2006

Not even socks / Ni calcetines

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Es un problema que estoy muy enfermo con fiebre y un gripe terrible. Me duelen todos los músculos y huesos hasta mis dientes protestan. Mis dedos están tan sensibles, que no puedo tejer y estoy más triste por eso que por la enfermedad misma. Ojalá con unos días de descanzo me puedo recuperar. Desenme suerte!

What a problem this fever and flu are. I feel like mud. Every muscle and bone in my body hurts, even my teeth are protesting. My fingers are so sensitive that I can’t knit and that makes me sadder than being sick itself.  Hopefully a few days of bedrest will help me recuperate. Wish me luck.

November 10, 2006

toe-up socks / calcetines dedos p’arriba

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IMGP0971These are my first toe up socks. I’m really enjoying the whole process. I particularly enjoyed the magic figure 8 cast-on with improvements from Judy Becker. The pattern is based on Knitty’s Widdershins, but I didn’t use cables and instead of plain stockinette, I decided to use a 5×1 ribbing for the leg, instep and top of the foot. I’m making these for my wife, but I hope that from the hairy legs, you assume it’s me trying them on for the camera. Because it’s on my foot the ribbing is a little further stretched than it is on my wife’ foot. I’m using schoeller+stahl’s “SOCKA COLOR” yarn. I’m not sure I like the colourway, but it was CAN$5.10, not too cheap nor too pricey and it’s superwash. I’ll let you know after they’ve been worn and washed what I think about the yarn.

Estos son los primeros calcentines que tejo desde la parte para los dedos hacia arriba y estoy disfrutando el proceso entero. Particularmente me gusto la manera ‘mágica’ de montar puntos creado por Judy Becker. El patrón es basado en Knitty’s Widdershins, but no use trenzas y en vez de punto jersey simple,use un punto elastico de 5pd y 1pr para la parte del tobillo, y la parte de encima. Los estoy tejiendo para mi esposa, pero espero que con las piernas velludas, asumen que los estoy probando para la camara nada mas. Como mi pie es un poco mas grande que el patron, la tela esta un poquito mas estirada que deberia serlo. Uso el hilo SOCKA COLOR. No estoy seguro que me gustan los colores, but apenas me costo CAN$5.10, ni muy costoso, ni muy barato. Es lana lavable. Les informare que tal es el hilo despues de que los lleva puestos y los lavo.

November 1, 2006

Calcetines de Alpaca Socks

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I finished another pair of alpaca socks. These have been gently hand-washed and the owner (my eldest) knows not to toss them into the laundry with the rest of his clothes. The blue stripes were added to distinguish them from the already felted and tossed pair knit earlier in the year. When I replace those other ones, my youngest wants the heels and toes to be in blue and the rest in brown. I’d write a lot more, but I have to go do some prep and marking for work tomorrow. socks
Completé otros calcetines de lana alpaca. Estas las lave a mano cuidadosamente y el dueño (el hijo mayor) sabe que no los puede tirar con el resto de la ropa para lavar. Las rayas azules las coloque para que se destiguira mas facilmente este par del otro que tejí, lavé y enfieltré, y tiré a la basura hace pocas semanas. Cuando los remplace, mi hijo menor quiere que le teja de azul solamente la parte de los talones y los dedos y el resto lo teja en cafe natural. Escribiria mas, pero tengo que prepararme y calificar trabajos para mañana.

August 25, 2006

Our Camping Trip / Nuestro viaje de campamento

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We did get back a while ago, but I’m only getting around to writing about it now. This is my eldest son and my wife in a kayak we rented there and they’re making their way away from the beach towards the other side of Arrowhead Lake. My youngest son and I did the same trip later that morning. The lake water looks blackish. It contains high amounts of iron so it’s actually a deep tea brown, but quite clean. There are no motorized boats allowed on the water.

Kayaking at Arrowhead

Click for larger version.

Es cierto que nos regresamos de hace ya un tiempito, pero apenas ahora llego a escribir del viaje. Este es mi hijo mayor y mi esposa usando un kayak que alquilamos y estaban a punto de cruzar el lago ‘Arrowhead’. El menor y yo tomamos la misma ruta luego esa mañana. El agua parece muy negro y ese aspecto la tiene por la cantidad de hierro que contiene. Por cierto, tiene un aspecto de té o cafe sin leche, pero es muy limpio. No se permite nave motorizado en el lago.
While on the beach, I did manage to finish a pair of alpaca socks for my youngest. Alpaca Socks Mientras pasabamos el tiempo en la playa, alcanze terminar un par de calcetines de alpaca peruana para el hijo menor.
On our first day, we almost lost our eldest. We were told by friends, that this waterfall was a naturally made waterslide and that the smoothly hewn rocks made for a blast of a slide and that kids go down it all the time. What our friends didn’t know was that the water levels have been 5 times lower than what you see here in previous years. We let him get in with his lifejacket on at the top of what you can see here. In seconds he was pulled under and fought with the help of the lifejacket to stay above the water. I jumped in to fetch him out but was dragged across the width of the falls in seconds and he was swept down the rest of the rapids. I climbed out by scaling up the rocks and roots on the right side of the rapids near the top, but only after finding out from my other son that the eldest was alive and had been fished out of the bottom. I was prepared to let myself go down to try to fish him out, but that wasn’t necessary. It was a heart-wrenching moment to see him go down, flipping head over heels and out of sight. We are very blessed to have him with us still. He was badly scratched and bruised, and was in shock for about 2 hours, but he’s not afraid of water and swimming, just white water. white water El primer día casi que perdimos a nuestro hijo mayor. Unos amigos nos habian dicho que estas cataratas son un deslizadero natural y las piedras lizos por se erosionadas por años. Lo que no sabian es que en años previos la corriente era 5 veces menos fuerte que este año. Le permitimos entrar al ague con una salvavidas en lo alto de que se ve en esta foto. Dentro de segundos, fue tirado a una profundidad de 30 cm mas o menos y bregaba mantener la cara al aire pero con mucho trabajo. Entré al agua para rescatarle, pero la fuerza del agua me tiro de un lado del rio al otro y mi mano estrechado no le alcanzo antes de que bajara por el resto de los rápidos. Escalando el lado que aqui se ve al derecho de la foto, usando raices y rinconcitos en la pierdra, pude salir del ague, pero no antes de saber que mi hijo habia llegado vivo abajo. Estaba a punto de soltarme para salvarlo cuanto el otro hijo llego corriendo para avisarme. Tuve el corazón en el puño cuando le ví bajando a volteretas. Gracias a Dios lo tenemos con nosotros aun. Recibio muchas rayadas y moratones y sufrio de una conmocion por 2 horas, pero actualmente esta bien, no le tiene miedo al agua o la natacion, solamente a los rapidos.

June 23, 2006

Baby wool socks

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baby socks
Two of my co-workers will be having a baby in the next few days. I quickly knit up some baby socks with Austermann’s Step Sock Wool. I used the ‘whisky’ (colour 09) colourway. This yarn has aloevera in it, so your hands are soothed while you work with it. Of course, the colour changes don’t happen frequently enough for socks this size, but I like the quirky unmatching, but still coordinating look of them. The ankle ribbing has a small cable detail every other two-stitch ridge. If you click on the photo you’ll see a close up.

June 12, 2006

Frank's baby's sweater and accessories

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Frank’s baby’s sweater.
Originally uploaded by Jigra Knits.

This is another project I’ve been working on recently. The sweater is primarily garter stitch, but there is a modified moss stich just below the armpits. I have yet to attach buttons onto it, but will soon. I made the pattern up and chose these bright colours. The back is entirely yellow. Of course I had more scraps than I knew what to do with so there are some slippers and a toque is on the needles; naturally I’m going to work some fairisle into it. I doubt all these items will be worn simultaneously (It’s a gift for a friend), but I don’t have any use for this colourway myself, so I thought I’d use up the scraps as quickly as possible.

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